Pushbullet Extension For Messaging Apps

Pushbullet's messaging extension enables any messaging app on Android to offer quick-reply functionality from PC via desktop notifications shown by Pushbullet's notification mirroring service.

By integrating with Pushbullet, you make your app's desktop notifications actionable: when Pushbullet shows a notification from your app on PC, clicking on it will open a window enabling users to quickly reply to the message. This gives your app an incredibly convenient cross-platform experience.

Getting Started Is Easy

To get the Pushbullet extension set up your app:

  1. Add compile 'com.pushbullet:android-extensions:+@aar' or the API jar to your Android project.

  2. Create a new service that extends the MessagingExtension class.

  3. Add the corresponding <service> tag to your AndroidManifest.xml file and add the required <intent-filter> and <meta-data> element.

Once you have your extension set up, you'll be able to mirror messages to PC and receive replies composed on PC.

Implementing Your Extension

The full guide is available here.

Sample Project

A working example is available here on Github.


Messages are only sent to PC if the user has notification mirroring enabled, protecting their privacy.

Everything is done over secure (https) connections ensuring user privacy.

The use of a conversation identifier means we don't need to know phone numbers for this to work.